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Why Don’t People Work Out?

I get these messages “why don’t people work out”? It is clear to me that in today’s world what we value the least is love. From the pages of Shakespeare to Robert Frost, each evaporating with every lack of gesture. So many “love” with practicality & self-interest giving disregard to ‘feeling’. We value temporary things, we live for the instantaneous thrill. But where did we stop to give weight & value to kindness wrapped in a genuine kiss?

When did we stop to recognize when the song lyrics were written for us? How did we start to honor material things as much as we do? Almost nothing lasts because there is no foundation to start with. No friendship ever forged and no self & mutual respect holds present. How could anything work these days? How can anyone not know why? Romance? It’s been replaced by the purchase of a purse…(A real act of love.)

As a society, this is what we have become. Therefore, nothing lasts. Photos go up, photos come down- this is the new “normal”. Nothing to see here folks, just another one that crumbled. In a couple of weeks, we will dust ourselves off & go at it again with a new person, ready to repeat the cycle.

Were in a place where real displays of emotion and tears are often criticized as signs of weakness. So, what is strength then? Oh yes, for many its mostly a game where the winner is the one that shows the least amount of interest as possible. God forbid you are the one to call or text first, you will really be the weakest of the pair. Let’s instead not show too much interest, let’s not call back “so fast”. Let’s make sure we calculate all of this. But let me not ever analyze what I’m feeling for the person.

We all know no one writes love letters anymore. But why? Because its cheesy? Only a dork would do this right? Well, if there were more dorks around, there would be more real love left in the world. Because it’s the hopeless romantics that gave hope to all. Look around- as a society we must do better. We must start loving for the right reasons again, let our hearts lead. Love in the joy & love in the sacrifices. But by God, do it for real. Because only then can two become one.