Do I Post too much? | Social Media Ethics

Doing it too much? Not enough?

Some folks might say that I know a little bit about social media, so it is rewarding to have engaging conversations about it with colleagues and in turn, advise clients on some of the different facets.

Talking to one of my clients in particular, the nations largest grape grower and producer of Juices asks “Am I posting too much or too little?”. I’ve offered this answer previously and so here are my thoughts based on my experience….

Keeping people engaged to your posts is very difficult and honestly its hard work. Trying to transform an ‘audience’ into a “captive audience” is not the same thing. If we are seeing another persons or brands post’s, we are (recipients) and by default, we are members of their audience- if even for a few minutes.

A captive audience means that you regularly enjoy those posts and engage with them by frequently clicking “like” or sharing them. This also suggests that you look forward to seeing them. Having a captive audience is a great thing for marketers. However, they are much more difficult to impress and thus keep engaged. Coming up with content that is fresh and appealing is the key. Although easier said than done, it will be trial and error. Some will be winners and some will be losers… Even the celebrities with millions of followers sometimes post something that only generates a minimal amount of interest (likes & comments). But other times, it’s a slam dunk and it goes viral and shared 150,000 + times.

Posting on social media is all about the quality of the content and the frequency. Social media success is relative but it takes the ability to anticipate what the audience will respond to.


What is quality content?

Engaging content is usually content that is original. Not the same news updates that everyone else is sharing. (that’s redundant and boring) It can be a photo where the lighting was perfect, the positioning was right, and the landscape was beautiful.

Quality can also be images or videos with emotional triggers. This is content that connects with a recipient through anger, sadness, or love. If it makes you feel something, you will want someone you care about to maybe experience that too. So if it connects you will share.


Do I post too much or too little?

Here is where it gets interesting! Up to now, what I’ve described can best be geared towards marketers, digital marketers, etc. Right? ummm not necessarily. This can also be applied to any and all users of social media.

Posting too much is the worst thing you can do. I strongly dislike the overuse and exaggerated use of social media. It becomes annoying and makes users disconnect and even unfollow you. This is where social media ethics and etiquette come into play…

The reality is that no one cares about your life and activities as much as you do. (I know that was painful to hear, but so very true) So when you post 50 vacation photos ‘back to back’ as separate posts, people will tune out. The correct way is to create an album and upload them all in 1 shot, one process, one time. Everyone will receive the alert and not ongoing alerts every few minutes. This way, those that are most interested, can go into the album and see each photo and perhaps appreciate them individually at their own pace.

Another negative is simply to post every few minutes or every hour. When someone checks their social media they also want to see a variety of content from different people- not from the same person or company. By the way, the more you post through out the day, the more it seems that you have no life. No job, nothing going on, and starving for attention and may be even approval from others. We all know that everything we see can be very far from the reality, but for this conversation, I’m only talking about the frequency of posts not the perception of what is posted 🙂

The last negative to mention, that is also worth a good and healthy unfollow is too much posting of negative content. Posts that complain about government (politics), life, love, etc. should be kept to a minimum. Good dialogue is important but overdoing it can make your audience associate you with that same negativity, and ain’t nobody got time for that on their news feed or their life! Those are the reasons people sometimes break away and take time away from social media.

The world needs more positive energy and a whole lot more love. And hat’s the best subject matter for social media.


How often should I Post?

For obvious reasons, I am very engaged with social media usage and its metrics. I have a personal Facebook page, a Public Facebook page, a Twitter page, and Instagram Account, and a Snapchat account as well. What has worked best for me, is to just post 1 thing in the morning and another in the middle of the day or at night- that’s usually it. Then maybe a skip a day. My public Facebook page gets most of my attention, that is because the captive audience there is over 60,000.

So 2 times per day and maybe 3 times. But beyond that, You Are Doing It Wrong.

(This is where the biggest offenders say “I don’t care what other people think”) Well, that’s a big fat lie because if you didn’t care – You Would Not Be Posting at All. So lets not kid ourselves 😉

This is the same thing with the amount of attention – likes / comments a post gets. Those that don’t get too much attention will tell you that they don’t care. So if this is true, then ask them to delete their account. When you don’t care it should be easy, but they wont. Because they do care. And no one would post if there wasn’t potential people to see it on the other end.

Social Media is the way that we all communicate in this day and age. Maybe its good, maybe its bad. Either way, its part of our social culture. So why not try to do it better?  There’s nothing wrong with that.