Branded Destinations

By now you’re probably already very aware that traditional methods of marketing & advertising to promote your product or service barely work to attract new visitors and guests anymore. What once captivated your audience is now mostly ineffective.

Intelligent brand marketers understand that the best way to build long lasting relationships with new and existing guests and customers goes far beyond magazine reviews, popup ads, direct mail, and spam email blasts. 

Those who hold the purchasing power now prefer authentic reactions and reviews from trusted people. Welcome to the age of the mighty social influencer,your ticket to winning marketing campaigns.

Numbers don’t lie.

92% percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from influencers, friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. (source: Nielsen)

Nielsen, a trusted source in the marketing world, also recently reported that influencer content can lift brand familiarity 88% far more than regular branded content.

However, collaborating with influencers can be challenging. That’s where Branded Destinations steps in. We have a worldwide team of social influencers ready to boost & bolster your product or service! Our influencer marketing travel campaigns and collaborations drive impact and awareness for your brand.

Let me explain how it works:

During their travel journeys, our influencers become your brand ambassadors. Their entire trip will be broadcasted through the social media platforms utilizing mentions, hashtags, logos, signage, apparel, accessories, and your products. Your brand is continuously highlighted using photos and videos while on airport arrivals, departures, day tours, private tours, dining, special events, and hotel stays & even at major historical sites and tourist attractions.

Our ‘social Influencers’ have extensive followers (100k to 1M+) on social media platforms and use every bit of their influence to showcase your brand to their captive audience while visiting the most interesting places on earth.

Our travel campaigns are intimate, engaging, & exclusive.And our creative directors and account team will help you develop an effective influencer travel campaign that will work best with your marketing goals & initiatives.

So if you’re ready for the most creative & effective way to elevate your brand even further, contact us to launch your campaign today!

Branded Destinations

We Take Your Brand Across the World!

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