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This illustrated book is for children ages 5-8. It relates the heartwarming story of WB, the protagonist who learns a valuable lesson: the best kind of life is one spent in recognition of the significance of others. But for WB there is something of a learning curve, and at the beginning of the story he is rather oblivious to those around him. It takes a trusted and kindly grandfather with a magical sweater to put him on the right track. WB dons the sweater and discovers himself a superhero. Somehow the sweater has made him proud to be who he is, and this is a direct result of the attention and care that he bestows upon others.

The boy must confront a hard truth when others at school make fun of him: This is a world in which many people have contempt for superheroes of compassion. Unfazed by critics, WB comes to the aid of a girl being bullied, helps a boy with his backpack, and assists a child on crutches. But when he climbs a tree to rescue a cat, he tears his sweater and loses his superhero powers. In the moving climax of the story, WB discovers that being a superhero had nothing whatever to do with the sweater, that he only has to believe in himself and act with love toward others. He finds himself reconciled to his enemies, and the book concludes on a resounding note of the power of the human spirit, the enormous possibilities inherent to simple acts of kindness, mercy, and forgiveness.

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