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By Whilly Bermudez

It’s the start to a major political season again. It’s in all the TV broadcasts, social media feeds, radio dialogue, and most of it is already causing fights and disagreements among family or friends. How do I know? Because I already start too. I’m passionate about politics and I care deeply about our country. But just as I feel this way, so do many other Americans. And this passion mixed with occasional ignorance from some, gives way to the heating exchanges we see on social media between people that during the rest of the year, actually like each other and get along.

Let’s face it, regardless of the degree or spectrum, if you are a Republic – you have conservative leaning. And if you are a Democrat, you lean more towards Liberal. So why fight it or deny it?

(And if you don’t know the difference, then you probably shouldn’t be arguing with anyone)

Many of us will probably never agree with views of another political party, because it’s actually more than party affiliation its deep rooted beliefs, stands, and quite honestly life experience interpretation.  But we can have meaningful conversations and even respectful debates as long as ignorance and disrespect do not set in. Once the name calling, viral videos, and memes come online, it’s usually downhill from there.

In order to debate a topic, one must be armed with the right research based on some facts. Facts typically have to come from credible sources like scholars, historians, and analysts. So if you’re formulating your opinions from listening to, watching videos from: celebrities like Pitbull, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Rosie O’Donnell, and others like that, then you are doing yourself and your family a disservice because those would be good examples of people that do not know what America needs. Remember, having vocal ability or acting talent does not necessarily mean that you are Intelligent.

I personally have been part of the political process and I am a Republican. So I do lean to the right. How far to the right? I don’t really know, but I do identify as conservative and I care a great deal about people and my history shows it. You can see that on my Facebook page, I try to post inspirational images on a daily basis. I do this because it’s one of the small ways that I can help others. Life is difficult for us all, so if I can make even 1 person feel better on one particular morning or some evening, I’ve done something worthwhile.

I often hear that “Republicans don’t care about social issues & people, they only care about the wealthy”… well that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that as I already mentioned, I care immensely for people. I’m just one example out of many Republicans that do good things for others and their communities. The difference exists in the approach. Liberals have their own interpretation on what American needs, and conservatives have their own as well. They both care about America; it’s just that we usually don’t agree on the path to get there. For example, I’m of the opinion that we have had too many career politicians in offices throughout the country. And I think it’s time to elect a non-politician. Someone that is not looking to milk it for all it has. Instead someone that has real world experience that can be applied to intelligently solve our country’s problems. Maybe that is Donald Trump, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s the neurologist- Ben Carson, maybe it’s not, maybe it’s Carly Fiorina, and maybe it’s not. But for me, it would be someone from the Republican side and for you it may be someone from the Democrat side- and that’s ok. This is America, were not suppose to agree on everything 🙂

The real important things are that we do factual research on party affiliation, a candidate’s platform, and make an educated opinions based on that. Then we can proceed to valid debates and respectful arguments that lead to exercising the right to vote because believe it or not, one vote matters. Not to mention some of those people that make the most noise are actually the ones that probably aren’t even registered to vote, or simply don’t bother to. Were American’s and we all care.

Don’t ruin friendships because of political differences. Simply agree to disagree. We are all different and trying to make others see what you see is simply futile. Gain knowledge, Stay informed, Exercise your right to vote, & do what is in your best interest and those that you love. But lets all stay friends now and after election day.

God Bless All,



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