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Love’s “Doctrine of Clean Hands”

Why do people have such a difficult time dating & starting a relationship? I’ve given this some thought and there is a concept in the law known as ‘The Doctrine of Clean Hands’. It’s based on the premise that litigant’s that come to court to file a suit, must do so; free from wicked conduct or previous wrong doing. I associate this concept to Dating.

The reason why so many people don’t work out is because one or both come into it with ‘unclean hands”. They are operating in the dark, dating other people, secretly texting others, or simply still involved with an EX.

How can you start a good thing with any of this going on? Well you can’t. You must come into it free from the past & from distractions. If not, you may be wasting someone’s time & your own. Dating just 1 person at a time is the most direct road to reaching love and a relationship of significance.

To give & receive a heart, you must be free.

Whilly Bermudez