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The Legend of Tarzan – My 2 second review

The Legend of Tarzan movie review

I’m only an amateur, but here are my two cents… My primary interest in watching the new Tarzan remake is Nostalgia. I grew up watching the TV re-runs and it was particularly meaningful because my father took me to go see GreyStoke –The Legend of Tarzan- Lord of the apes” in 1984. So that is the nostalgic part for me.

This new re-make was entertaining but it will not be winning any awards. The 2 main failings were Samuel L. Jackson and some of the special effects. Mr. Jackson being cast in this movie was probably the worst part. It injected his character and style from Pulp Fiction into a film that was supposedly taking place in the 1800’s time period (not even his accent worked). He just didn’t fit.

His acting style and way of speaking was just not believable. And it diminished much of the credibility of the movie. Sure, there were a couple of funny scenes and of course, some humor is necessary in all films. But this just wasn’t the right guy. For the record, Dane Cook would not have worked either. I can think of a hand full of better options for the role of Dr. George Williams.

What did work? The star of the film –Alexander Skarsgård – Tarzan, was a great choice and really delivered on keeping it realistic in terms of his acting and even moments were credibility called for silence. So Lord Greystone was legit.

Margot Robbie always works. She’s a talented actress and is completely stunning and beautiful. I can’t think of a better leading lady… The rest of the cast members were flawless and Christoph Waltz truly delivers as the evil character that everyone loves to hate.

Now back to the special effects, on a scale from 1-10, I’m dropping a 7.5 as the grade. Some were really good and some were very 1980’s (not yet fully polished or refined. See the scene at the end with the gators approaching).

This new Tarzan movie is entertaining and worth the trip to the theater and endure the annoying talking and chatter of kids and other movie goers. The movie took a budget of $180 million to create and breaking even may be tough, I would say that this is an “8” score film where I would say it was “Good”.

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