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A Valetine’s Day Message

Valentines Day Message

A Valentine’s Day message…

What if I told you that not having a Valentine was actually a good thing?

What if I told you that those with a Valentine may not actually be happy?

What if I told you that there is no reason to fear Valentine’s Day & as far as showing love, it aint the only way!

Maybe February 14 is just a date on the calendar, because when you really care and love someone, it should be the whole year that you’re after. I’m not a Pastor, just someone that wants to shed light on the matter and try to help some people that hear the name “cupid” and scatter.

Let’s visit some history…Valentine’s Day – originates from ancient roman times & its persecution missions. it’s based on Saint Valentinus, a man thrown in jail for performing weddings for Christians. That’s crazy. To think of Cupid & crimes, but it’s true, it’s another part of modern culture altered through time.

But why do some love it? And others hate it? Maybe it’s all the years of stereotypes that have made it. I mean, I’m all for anything that promotes love – but not a fan of any silly perception. Like the ones that say you’re not worthy if you don’t have a significant other and other dumb preconceptions.

Do you think all couples in a photo are actually happy? Putting on a fake smile and hoping the other person changes – News flash, people are who they are and have to be accepted. You should waste no more time, if you’re not filled with joy & actually being neglected.

So everything that glitters isn’t gold.. Trust me, I know! And if your relationship is so focused on just surviving Valentine’s Day, then it’s probably already covered in mold. Hanging on by strings and hemorrhaging love, Valentines won’t fix it, only compromise and help from above.

You may have some soul searching to do, but to those in relationships where things are working right, it’s a great day for your person and you. But remember that it’s about the entire year with a whole lot of lovin and minimal tears.

Stay consistent- that’s the key, you don’t want hind side, that’s the worst type of vision to see.

So being alone on Valentine’s Day says absolutely nothing about you- It actually says that God’s plan for your life is still in motion, stay in faith, while you’re elevated to promotion. Be patient. The right person is praying for someone like you. Be receptive and keep your heart open, they will arrive at the opportune moment.

-God doesn’t see candies and flowers his focus is the totality of your life, which only comes from his grace and his power

-He says love – not just for a day, for us, he wants a lifelong love that won’t run away.

So Valentine is fun, but love every day.

Whilly Bermudez