Whilly Bermudez is an American Media Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, & Author, affectionately known as the “WB”.

Whilly’s relentless pursuit to take ideas beyond their creative limits knows no bounds. As one of the most highly regarded names in South Florida and one of the most recognizable entities in the industry, Whilly’s focus is to create ‘out of the box’ concepts that will continue to set him apart. For almost 20 years, WB has developed countless unique business concepts & placed his stamp on countless client brands.

To date, he has produced over 1,000 events and has earned acclaim as one of the leading industry marketers. He is the founder of various established businesses as well as startups. Aside from his hard work ethic, his passion is film making. From Documentaries to TV pilot concepts there is no shortage of WB’s great ideas.

Whilly is driven by a hunger to help others. He supports various causes and donates to them throughout the year. As an example of his philanthropy, he has written a children’s book called WB and The 10 Good Things that he has distributed at no charge to schools and homeless shelters for the past few years. Whilly aims to instill and encourage positive living in young children and people all over the world.

He believes that our most precious commodity is time: “We are only on the earth for a moment, a fragment of time, and we cannot wait for a ‘defining moment.’ All moments define us. We should spend all of our time moving towards love, happiness, and making our mark in the world through good deeds.”

Through innovation, entrepreneurship, and his community driven efforts towards charitable advances, he has received endorsements from educational institutions, as well as major newspapers, and organizations.

The ultimate objective of Whilly Bermudez is to leave behind a legacy of good deeds and accomplishments.


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