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Whilly Bermudez is an American marketing entrepreneur and philanthropist who is affectionately known as “the WB.” Whilly’s creative talent is based on interpreting innovative potential mixed with a relentless pursuit to take concepts & ideas beyond their limits. Whilly is one of the best-known marketers in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. He has developed business concepts for clients since 2001, has produced over 1,000 events and live shows, and has received acclaim as one of the leading social media marketers.


Whilly is the founder of WB Media, a national web development firm with an impressive portfolio and client base. He has received endorsements from Educational institutions, as well as major newspapers, and organizations. Whilly is an innovator and is developing a mobile application, a social networking app called Ecrew, as well as other under development tech startups.


Aside from his innovation and business acumen, Whilly is driven by a hunger to help others. He supports various causes and donates to them throughout the year. As an example of his philanthropy and his hobby, he has written a children’s book called WB and The 10 Good Things. Whilly aims to instill and encourage positive living in young children ages and young people all over the world.


He believes that our most precious commodity is time: “We are only on the earth for a moment, a fragment of time, and we cannot wait for a ‘defining moment.’ All moments define us. We should spend all of our time moving towards love, happiness, and making our mark in the world through good deeds.”


The ultimate objective of Whilly Bermudez is to leave behind a legacy of good deeds and innovative accomplishments.


Fun fact: Whilly is a decedent / the great grandson of Justo German Cantero one of Cuba’s wealthiest sugar mill owners known as “King of Cuba’s Sugarcane Mills” in the 1800’s. He was a nobleman, poet, composer, & entrepreneur who also was the proprietor of one of Cuba’s grand palaces called: ‘Palacio Cantero’ (Cantero Palace), today a museum in Cuba in the town of Sancti Spíritus- Trinidad.


Whilly Bermudez provides several business services to individuals and corporations. Whether you are a startup or an established entity, WB extends his business acumen and experience to select clients throughout the year. You can learn more about the spectrum of those services:


Small business or large corporation, building brands, and transforming companies is the end game. Designing a campaign to effectively communicate a brand message and reach the target audience is paramount for Whilly. Whilly helps business to uncover hidden potential and opportunities to excel growth. He focuses on the underlying triggers that cause customers to consider and buy. It's how a product or business can be made more relevant. Maintaining relevance as competitors, customers, takes both strategy and imagination. WB has both.


Since 1997, Whilly has created and launched thousands of events of all scales and purposes. Experience that deep is always at the core of creativity and negotiation. Understanding how to plan and execute an event venture always has a series of complexities. This is why WB is the right consultant for any event. Whilly is a turnkey event solutions provider that will help you excel: Create a concept / Deliver a theme/ Design a set & scenery / Integrate audio & video / Coordinate logistics.


Whilly believes that not all matters require the intervention of an attorney. There are instances where communication that has broken down can be repaired with strategic negotiating and mediation. Keeping the matter private and away from the media is also one of the strong keys to a successful resolution. Whilly provides resolution services to couples, individuals, business partners, and business groups.


Whilly is founder of WB Media, one of the most acclaimed software development agencies in the web space. For any web or mobile application development, all work is performed by the agency.

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WB provides individuals & businesses promising, unique and innovative business ventures, ideas and concepts for startup, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.


When a new entrepreneur needs the road map and building blocks of a startup, Whilly is there to chart the course. From corporate & tax filing set up, to business concept creation, to logo design, and launch, Whilly Bermudez provides the way forward.



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Think that you're not alone in the Universe. You're presence matters. What you think will sooner or later become a reality. Make your reality something that will trigger a positive change, a difference in the lives of others. Think of an Idea.


Take your idea and use is for good. Use it to help restore someone else's confidence in themselves, in their life. Use it to be a lightning rod of inspiration that may somehow help the world.


Take your idea and give it to the world. Release it into the universe so that others can find it and heal. Share goodness with the people.



These are the causes which I support. Some are from the South Florida region and others are national or global. Please find it within you to do what you can to help. A monetary donation or at least your valuable time goes a long way in creating positive change for the less fortunate.



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